Cream Of SomeYoungGaila

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If you love Darius Songaila, not only are you crazy, but you will love this article from the Washington Post. Songaila is playing well in "Eurobasket!!!" and has not yet gotten hurt. According to the article, the Wizards made Lithuania take out an insurance plan for Songaila. Hopefully they got fire coverage because I have a feeling he will be on fire all year. (wow, terrible)

Aside from my campaign to have Songaila elected President of the NBA math team, I really have no love for him...yet. Stay tuned for my youtube video of Darius trotting nerdily down court like a happy little schoolboy.

Songaila Of The Day: (From Dant-Dant) Nerdy New Wavers Devo--Freedom of Choice

I definatly can picture Songaila doing Karaoke to this song wearing some Devo gear...

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