We Poppin Champagne Like We Won The Championship Game

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, February 3, 2014

The eighth time is a charm as the Washington Wizards finally capitalize on a chance to get their record over .500 for the first time in 4 years. This is DC sports. This is pretty much our Super Bowl victory. It is so sad that I decided this called for the finest bottle of Andre, and a celebration. By myself. Calling in sick to work tomorrow baby!!!!

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Jan Vesely Alley-Oop High Jump

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, January 20, 2014

Here is Airwolf, our favorite player, looking like a high diver stretching out to make this catch and slam.

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Joakim Noah Pushes Randy Wittman GIF

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, January 13, 2014

Here is Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls pushing the Washington Wizards coach Randy Wittman after Wittman was laughing with Noah because he knew that Noah knew the refs made a bad call. Noah playfully-ish pushes him away.

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Wizards Preseason Halftime Highlights Vs The Nets

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Here at the Nexus we like to break down all the games.  Let's see what happened during the Washington Wizards first preseason game against the Brooklyn Nets.

Here's the best of John Wall's 5 assists:

Here's Jan Vesely hacking a Nets player, he has 4 fouls at the half (0 points)

Check out this Nene steal:

Yeah, so any reason we can't watch this crap that is the NBA Preseason?

How Gilbert Arenas Is Spending His Wizards $111 Million

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, October 4, 2013

Pic via Gilbert On Insta

Or I guess the Magic's money.

Are you serious bro!?  Gilbert instagrammed this picture of his money & chips on the table at a casino.  The rest of Gilbert's Insta involves terrible memes, videos of him hitting jump shots in a gym, and admissions of him breaking the law.  Woo ha, maybe if his house sells (recently lowered to under $3 Million) he can put it all on black.

Gilbert Arenas Gives Life-Changing Advice On Instagram

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, August 26, 2013

Everyone's favorite gunslinger and shoe ruiner is now back on social media in the form of Instagram (or Insta as the kids call it) and it is Awesome. Agent Zero joined Instagram this weekend and if you were a fan of Gil's old blog or were riveted by his 2 day post-gun incident Twitter binge you will not be disappointed with his latest appearance online.

You won't believe what Gilbert has to offer in terms of Law-Breaking, Driver Safety, Parental Advice, Financial Responsibility, and even Dating Advice...It is hilarious/disturbing...


Conan O'Brien Zings The Wizards In Opening Monologue

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Conan O'Brien (Celtics fan) led off his Monday night monologue talking about the Jason Collins story that was all over the sports world that day.  He said the same joke that was said by just about 2 million people on Twitter earlier in the day, but since it was on Conan, we'll let you hear it again, after the jump.