Hall Of Fame On Wheels

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, September 7, 2007

The Basketball Hall of Fame will be going on tour through 30 cities this winter to "bring the experience of the Basketball Hall of Fame to the millions of fans unable to make the trek to Springfield, Mass" (did anyone even know it was there?)

In reality it looks pretty cool. They are setting up tons of displays, videos, and actual items from the real hall of fame. Dominique Wilkins seems to be the head endorser and 'Nique' is only charging $22 per person. (rip off?) However, after checking out the tour schedule, I noticed that it will not be coming to Washington, DC, or anywhere else around here.

They are calling it HHX, which is such a crazy awesome EXTREME! name. It stands for the Hoop Hall Xperiance!!!!! All the rest of the description is making it sound funky fresh. Here is the HHX web site and here is an example of how hip this event will be.

"a 2-minute show called “Bounce” plays, featuring funky, infectious hip-hop music combined with quick-cut video centering around the game’s icon, the Basketball"

Wow the basketball, awesome. I know I always say things like funky and infectious. That's what all those crazy kids are saying these days. (sarcasm not discernible via typed words)

There are a few cities that aren't decided yet, so maybe the Xperiance (spell check going crazy, but its just so cool) can fit in the Verizon Center...if not, I'll have to just listen to the radio to hear infectious & funky hip hop music...

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