Halo 3: Brandon Loyd vs Carson Palmer vs Alex Smith

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, September 20, 2007

Microsoft had 3 Halo release parties featuring 2 NFL superstars and a bum. The following are educated guesses (speculation) of who was there based on each of the articles.

Click the team to read the article from the local paper.

Washington Redskins: Brandon Lloyd's House

The Players: Brandon Lloyd, Ryan Boschetti, Mike Sellers, Nemo Broughton

Cincinatti Bengals: Carson Palmer's House

The Players: Carson Palmer, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Antonio Chatman, Chris Perry, Tab Perry, Herana-Daze Jones, Chris Carney

San Francisco 49ers: Alex Smith's House

The Players: Alex Smith, Trent Dilfer (watching?), Eric Heitmann, Adam Snyder, Justin Smiley, Patrick Willis, Ray McDonald

According to the Washington Post, the Skins were destroying the other 2 teams. However it seems like the Skins don't have many big gamers. Its OK all we need is Gilbert.

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