The Old New Friday

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Get me a chicken sandwich...AND SOME WAFFLE FRIES!"

Back in college, Thursday night was the new Friday. I plan to bring that tradition back. A night to go out, enjoy a few suds (if old enough), and mingle with some Flo's. After all tomorrow is the real Friday, and everybody coasts on Friday.

So every Thursday I think I will find some great YouTube videos that I will watch when I stumble in the door at 3am. You should watch them also! (Note: These are not the only videos I will watch at 3am...wink)

Today's videos are from Hodge Stansson with their hit series called Unforgivable. This is very bizarre but for some reason (beer) I find it really funny. There is very bad language in these movies.
If You Like It and Want More Check Out The Hodge Stansson YouTube Page. There are a few more Unforgivable and some other crazy movies.

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