Party Like A Redskin Philly Is Totally Screwed

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, September 13, 2007

The new Chris Paul WPGC Redskins Song came out this morning.

Listen to the new Redskins Song Here!

This week it is based off of The Shop Boyz--Party Like A Rock Star

Go Skins

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Anonymous said...

did you find it yet?

Bobby Mills said...

Any way to download the song???

Chris Ford said...

Not sure. I don't know how that Putfile works. I didn't upload the song, someone else did.

Anonymous said...

ur computer should have an audio recorder, go to programs accesories entertainment and sound recorder then go to volume control and use the mono stereo
to get enough space on it u need to record nothing then copy and paste it on the same recorder eventually u will have enough space
then after u finish recording u can go to edit and delete all after the stopped recording

SweetPeas said...
From this site I played the song using windows media player, right clicked on the song title and added it as a new playlist file to save it to my library.