Redskins Bar Watching: Buffalo Wing University (Fairfax)

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sure I love the Wizards. But its football season and Redskins time. Every week I go to a different place to watch the 1:00 NFL games and/or the Redskins game somewhere in the DC metro area I'll tell you how it goes. Go Skins!!!

Buffalo Wing University
10312 Willard Way
Fairfax, VA
(703) 273-6336

Sunday, September 16th, 1:00 Games

TVs & Games:
2 Projectors & Several Plasma Screens

You can usually see all of the games. Some angles from certain seats are bad. The bar area has a few nice plasmas and several small TVs. All Games were on TVs and I could see all but 1 game from my seat.

All Ages

There are arcade games and the restaurant area is family friendly. Some of the cursing in the bar section, and sometimes the restaurant section, can be heard occasionally.

$5 Natty Pitchers, Good Selection
They have a deal for a domestic bucket of beers. This deal is not great (4 for $10.50). You are better off getting a domestic pitcher for $8.50 (more beers for cheaper) or $10 Import Pitchers. Or if you really want to get trashed and not look back, get a few $5 pitchers of Natty. The beer on tap is a good selection, but nothing strange or unique.

1/2 Price Wings
The wings aren't great, but they are half price. The appetizers aren't too expensive, and aren't that good as well. Curly fries is always a nice choice.

Not Awful
Most of the waitresses at this establishment have a lot of "talent" and they aren't afraid to show it off. However, during football, they usually have a jersey covering themselves up, but not bad to look at anyway. (Wait that is not service). Our waitress was friendly and stopped by often to chat. They don't like to split up credit cards.

Not Terrible
During Skins games the crowd is pretty good. The bar area is definitely more exciting than the restaurant side. If you go for Sunday games when the skins aren't playing, it is like a library.

How Early Do I Need To Get There:
30 Minutes
If the Skins are playing, get there at least 30 minutes early to get a good seat. If the Skins are not playing, you can usually show up 5 minutes before kickoff and get a seat.

The location & prices alone made this place worth going to. Seeing all the games and having a nice table with a lot of room was nice as well.

A nice place to go for Sunday football, especially if the Skins are playing. The prices are great, and even though the food isn't, it is still a fun place to go. Plus if you want to get trashed, you can do so without putting a hole in your wallet...I'll Go Back Again

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Anonymous said...

Similar to many professors at other "universities", the Buffalo Wing University Staff tend to be very liberal (when it comes to pouring Jagermeister)