Free Taco

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Because some loser stole a base in the World Series, everyone can get a free taco.

You must go to Taco Bell TODAY between 2pm-5pm and you get a FREE crunchy seasoned beef taco, which I believe means a regular crunchy taco.

Thanks Jacoby Ellsbury!!!!!!! (whoever the hell you are)

I was reading the fine print which says

Participating Taco Bell restaurant manager reserves the right to deny Free Taco to any person he/she reasonably believes has already received a Free Taco or has engaged in any other fraudulent activity

So don't try your fake mustache tricks and wipe the sauce off your face before walking into the taco bell 3 miles down the road from the other taco bell...

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Geoff said...

He's actually a winner.