Interview With Gar Heard Robot

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I saw that Bullets Forever did a cool interview for the Wizznutzz, so I wanted to copy his idea. However, the Wizznutzz turned me down (not really) so I had to interview friend of the Wizznutzz, Gar Heard Robot. I sat down with Gar at a local Starbucks coffee shop and conducted the following interview.

Gar: Hi I'm Gar Herd Robot 1.0

WP: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me.
Gar: Your welcome, White President. I think you are very polite.

WP: First off, are you really a robot?
Gar: Well, no. I am not really a robot.

WP: Thats interesting. So why are you called the Gar Heard robot?
Gar: Books. I am what I am and I don't know why.

WP: Umm...Ok...So what is your relationship with the Wizznutzz?
Gar: I know what my relationship with the wizznutzz is, but I am not telling you.

WP: Hmm...Sounds a little sketchy...but moving on. How many games do you think the Wizards will win this year?
Gar: The wizards will be winning soon, oh MOST DEFINITLEY, me myself!

WP: Thats not really an answer. How has Gilbert Arenas looked this preseason?
Gar: Chokity Choko the CHocolate Chicken! Speaking of chickens, when my brain chip burns out they tell me I will be repurposed as a mechanical chicken speparator at Tyson.

WP: Are you going to start taking this interview seriously?
Gar: taking this interview seriously?

WP: You know what f*** you
Gar: Please don't swear.

WP: No, F*** you. This is my livelihood, and you think its just a big joke.
Gar: Please don't use such language with me. I do it all the time.

WP: Suck my F***in C**k you mother f***er. I'm leaving.
Gar: I find your language offensive. Please stop. Are you Really? I am leaving also!

The interview turned out the be a disgrace. I think that the W-Nutzz need to take the old robot down to the Mothering Hut for some non-sexual S&M. Also, teach him to spell. I will fight him next time I see him.

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