Monday Morning Third String Quarterback

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, October 1, 2007

Here are some notes from the weekend of football

--Why is Beyonce buying a boomerang?
--Just because you slightly alter the intro, we still know what is coming..."The dream is still alive..."
--Paul Maguire said something along the lines of. "I talked to Brett Favre. The thing he said about the 2 minute drill is that the key is move the ball down the field with completions and stop the clock." Way to name drop Favre from when you had an NFL job. Plus, do you really have to talk to Brett Favre to know that? (This was some college game, and had nothing to do with the Packers or Favre.
--1,2,3,4 Tell Me You'll Never Show This Commercial Anymore
--One year later and that chick still says Meers!
--I'm not sure, but I think maybe possibly Tom Cruise has a new movie coming out...

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