Preseason Game 1

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Tonight the Washington Wizards will play the Cleveland Cavs in the first preseason game of the season. The preseason is a good time to get some look at the bench and some of the players we will see for limited minutes in the regular season. Other than that and loving basketball, there is no real reason to watch.

If the Wizards win by 100 points, the Cavs will still be favored during their regular season matchups. If Donell Taylor scores 50 points tonight in the preseason game, it will translate to 1 extra regular season minute in the regular season. If Willie Dean looks like Michael Jordan, he will still get cut.

I'll still watch because I am obsessed...And I'll still make comments like its an NBA Finals game because I'm dumb...

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