Preseason Story

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, October 22, 2007

After eating several $1.00 pieces of sushi and several ice cold Budweisers (Long Islands for Asian Zero) at Wok N' Roll before the game, we stumbled over to the Verizon Center. We went over and signed the get well card for Etan and in the 2 minutes it took us to ride the escalator to the upper deck, I somehow misplaced my ticket.

The usher in the upper deck asked me and A0 for our tickets. She showed him and we both started walking to our seat. "Wait sir, where is your ticket" I gave him the Are You Kidding Me look but it had no affect. I searched my pockets for 1 minute in front of him trying to convince him to just let me go. "Not without a ticket" he said.

I went in the hallway and found a ticket on the floor. It was sadly not my ticket and was for a worse section. I was quite embarrassed that I lost my ticket so quickly. I gave one last look in my pockets and somehow it was in there. It was in a secret pocket that was inside the original pocket. I hate jeans.

So I went back to the usher to show him my ticket and by then he didn't even care. He didn't look at the ticket at all and I wanted to punch him in the face. (A similar thing happened in the very top row of the very worst section last year)

At last we were in our seats and ready to view the game. Overall, it was pretty boring and not knowing any Lithuanian players didn't help. Asian Zero kept the entertainment up by booing every time BCZ scored, any time a Lithuanian person was shown on the jumbo tron, and every time the strange Lithuanian song played over the loudspeaker. I informed her that it was a friendly scrimmage, but the Long Islands had a different idea. "USA, USA" she shouted as I cringed in the seat beside her. "God Damn Lithuanians, always breaking down my shitty wall"

Thankfully, the game ended and we left the arena with no black eyes....


Mimi said...

Ok I can (maybe) accept them showing five Liths in a row during the Smile Cam, but playing Lithuanian songs not once but 2-3 times during the game??? Awww friendly preseason!!! Maybe as another friendly gesture we should have let them score more points!!

Anonymous said...

Why the heck are you against dressing up on Halloween?..So for that reason you're not going out. So lame! You really are an "asian ZERO"