Southeast Division Preview

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, October 29, 2007

Remember This...until it starts to fail...

Washington Wizards (46-36)
Orlando Magic (44-38)
Miami Heat (43-39)
Charlotte Bobcats (36-46)
Atlanta Hawks (26-56)

(As Seen In Queen City Hoops Division Preview)

Offensively, With DeShawn Stevenson returning, the Washington Wizards finally don't have to mesh a new player into their starting lineup. Not that DeShawn is good, but the comfort zone will help. The Wizards should have a little more explosiveness off the bench with two nice rookies in Nick Young and Dominic McGuire, but they may have trouble getting major minutes in Eddie Jordan's lineup their first year. Other additions include a healthy Darius Songaila (who looked good in Eurobasket…but that's Eurobasket) and Oleksiy Pecherov, who is a carbon copy of Darius Songaila. Other than that, it should be the same old big 3 high scoring offense.

Defensively, like Gilbert Arenas' number, the Wizards play Zero. Guys like Gerald Wallace, Chris Bosh, and other versatile power forwards absolutely DESTROY the Wizards every year. Wizard defenders get beat all the time and when they help out they leave deadly shooters wide open. This really prevents them from being an elite NBA team and it hurts to watch.

People in Washington blame Gilbert Arenas' injury for the poor final record last year, but truthfully the Wizards were falling apart much before that. They always have injuries and a lot of highs and lows, and Gilbert's ego is going haywire. They should start off much better than last years 4 wins in 13 games, but should follow a similar path overall. I can only see them winning a few more games, even if Gilbert plays in every game.

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