TBS Hot Corner

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Like Baseball? If so, you will notice that the games have already begun. But you are at work? MLB Gamecenter not cutting it for you. Sometimes 5 minute pauses. What is happening. Ahhhh it drives you crazy!

Well for your work enjoyment, its the TBS Hot Corner (I can't direct link it, so find it at www.mlb.com) Well kinda for your enjoyment. Basically the screen is cut in 4 pretty awful pieces.

  • The top left shows the view from behind the pitcher. This camera does not move. Even when the ball is hit, the camera shows the catcher watching the ball. Bases Loaded anyone?
  • The bottom left has a dude & chick or dude & dude (public access TV?) talking baseball. Sometimes you get Ernie Johnson (not covering hoops?), Cal Ripken, & Frank Thomas in the studio
  • The top right has pitch count/location/etc
  • The bottom right has views of the dugout, and random views of the field. It is worthless. I don't want to see Jimmy Rollins play with his junk.

During commercials you get a one square view of the studio or interview segment. And lets not forget Commercials!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!! Its DANE COOK!!!!!!!!!!!

Not really comparable to the NCAA tourney at work...

  • www.mlb.com


Anonymous said...

Totally agreed with you. TBS Hot Corner sucks.

Anonymous said...


Chris Ford said...

Stupid Blogger. puts blogspot.com/mlb.com? What the hell

Anonymous said...

If you dont have access to a TV or radio is actually a pretty good way to watch the game for free on a computer. They break down the game as it happens and show replays and you see what is going on in each dugout. It's pretty cool.

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