D-League Draft and Darvin Ham

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, November 1, 2007

I was flipping around at halftime of the ever exciting Pistons Heat game and came upon the D-League draft on NBA TV. The studio hosts are 2 guys and a 200 year old man. This guy is so old. Who is this guy. He keeps making strange faces and swallowing funny. It is nasty to watch. Plus he can't really speak clearly and looks like he is in constant pain. He spits and gargles and shakes. No one is gonna understand this because I'm quite sure I'm the only person in the world watching this.

The draft podium is 3 feet away from the hosts. The picks have already taken place (i think) yet they show the "war room". And this old man is in the center just looking at papers and dying of old age. Nasty, I just looked at his hair. Strange combover. I'm almost positive...yeah...he is sleeping, he must be. I wish you could see this.

The David Stern guy at the podium is reading off a teleprompter in a monotone voice. D-League draft is realllllly exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bakersfield Jam decided that they would forfeit the 13th pick. Only in the D-League.

"And with the 3rd pick of the D-League draft, the Albuquerque Thunderbirds pick Darvin Ham"

What! Darvin Ham. Former Wizards superstar dunker? I may keep watching to see if the Utah Flash select God Shamgod! Go Ham!

Quote of the night "Is he Rondoish?" "Why yes...I think he is Rondoish"

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