Hey Girl: Game 5 vs Denver

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For the Nuggets game, I got into town early and hit up my favorite pregame locale, the Wok N' Roll. This place may sound like a foot court Chinese restaurant with free samples on toothpicks, but it is actually a nice sit down place. The nicest part is that they have $1 pieces of Sushi and $2 beers from 5pm-7pm.

I arrived at 5pm sharp and ordered 11 pieces of sushi. By the time the food came out, I had already drunk 2 beers. I finished, but was still hungry. 2 more beers and 6 large chicken wings. Still hungry and cold. 1 more beer and 1 miso soup. Still hungry. 2 more beers and 9 more pieces of sushi. Still hungry, but the game was about to start.

$50 later, I was inside the arena and watching the terrible Wizards losing another game. Gilbert was particularly upsetting and I may or may not have dropped several comments about Gilbert involving the words "suck" "damn" and "hell". Each time the lady in front of me gave me a dirty look and a stare down. Being drunk, I assumed she was upset at my hatred for Gil. Her being upset in turn upset me.

So towards the end I dropped a "Gilbert F--kin Sucks!" That was the last straw for the lady. She turned and said something to me. I responded with "What! What!" like you would say when someone wants to fight you. I felt like I had won, defeating a woman! Then she said "I have a 6 year old here" and it all came together. She wasn't mad about me making fun of Gilbert, but at my language. Whoops. The 2 beers in my cup holder probably didn't help her impression of me. I was very embarrassed.

After the game I met up with some friends. We went to a bar and as we got to the door to show our IDs the bouncer told me to "come back tomorrow" Wow that was quick. I got tossed out before I even got in. The entourage with me was outraged and yelled at the bouncer and soon we were on our way to the next bar.

The next part of the night is quite blurry, but I remember dancing a lot and people moving away from me. Soon it was time to leave that place as well and we went outside.

I saw a girl talking to a guy and assumed it was my male friend hitting on a lady. So I did what anyone would do and I ran up to the girl and tried to jump on her back. I screamed out "Hey Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as I leaped in the air. At about the moment I hit the girl, I realized the tall guy she was talking to was not my friend. According to eye witnesses, he grabbed me by the collar and threw me onto the ground. (So that's why my knee is cut up and hurts like hell) From my recollection I tripped and fell...

So the guy tried to fight me and I did what any man would do and ran towards my friends. It was now like 10 on one and my friends were hurling insults at this guy. The guy had no choice but to walk away. Yeah! take that! Off to more bars!

Hours later I woke up and realized I was closing in on the Springfield metro and it was 3:30 in the morning. I needed to be on the Orange line, but I clearly was on the last train and stuck. For some reason, instead of just taking a cab home, and not realizing the time, I called up my dad. I informed him that I needed a ride home from Springfield metro and he informed me that it was 4am. Luckily, he came and got me, and I explained to him how I wasn't drunk the whole ride home. He said things like "well then what are you on drugs" and "how could you be that drunk if you last drink was 8 hours ago"

Note: I'm 25 years old...I need to make some changes...

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Jarrett said...

Do sushi and beer really go together?