National Anthems

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, November 2, 2007

Tonight in Boston "national recording star" Kat DeLuna will be singing the national anthem. You may remember her from never hearing of her before. Oh damn, you will recognise the song. But can you do the "Whine Up"? If you want to learn this tough dance, watch the video here and laugh at how stupid Kat DeLuna looks. Holy Shit is that Jeff Gordon?

Tomorrow Night in DC, we are getting "national recording star" Kelly Rowand. You may remember her from that time you went to the Destiny Child concert at Nissan Pavilion. (oh wait, that's how I remember her). She was also showed off her acting talents in Jason Vs Freddy. Nelly, she loves you!

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Jarrett said...

She also used a pseudo go-go beat in one of her latest songs, but hey, no time for details today.