Postgame 3 vs Orlando

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, November 5, 2007

Orlando 94, Washington 82

The home opener was pretty bad, with the fans booing Gilbert and the team at several points, and then a big loud "Booooo" at the end of the game. Right from the start it lacked excitement as the team had normal introductions, with no elevator bringing them up from below, and no Gilbert in a boxing robe.

After a quick look around the stadium I found out some bad news. I was the only person in the whole arena besides the players that was wearing a jersey with no shirt underneath it. I looked bad. Anyways, back to basketball.

Gilbert didn't look like he was into the game and was very careless with the ball. He passed up shots he normally takes and he couldn't quite get to the rim like he did last year.

Also, I think Roger Mason should be the starting shooting guard. Stevenson is awful and just stands around, while Mason is constantly moving, passes the ball, and hits 3 pointers. Both times they came back for the lead, Mason was in the game.

Haywood looked great and played with some heart finally!!!!! Even on one rebound he didn't bring the ball down to his toes before he dunked it! He still can't catch, dribble, or make post moves.

Dom McGuire was awful on D and him and the rest of the team made Hedu Turkoglu look like Kobe Bryant.

The actual game was pretty fun. Apparently I was sitting in "The Hill" which is the new name for the upper deck. We also have behind each basket the "District of Caron" and "Gil City". Also, the Wizards have come up with much better/funnier scoreboard videos during some timeouts, including a segment where the other Wiz players tried to spell Oleksiy Pecherov's name. Deshawn started with "E-X-E". The Burrito throw is now called the Andre Blatche Burrito Dash. During one timeout, some guy couldn't make 5 foul shots in 30 seconds. No, it wasn't Michael Ruffin.

There were also several celebrities at the game like Destiny Child Kelly Rowland singing the anthem, Alex Ovetchkin showing his missing teeth, and some soccer players (yawn).

I also have a problem with the Wizard's dance team. In the first half dance, they wore long sleeve hooded sweatshirts, and in the 2nd half they wore a Michael Jackson outfit which consisted of a jacket and pants. I saw 0 skin. Hey girls, no one is concerned with your dancing as you did Thriller moves to "Smooth Criminal" and didn't do the lean dance thing. We want to see some nip slips. Get it done!

The highlight of the night was when Dinky Donut edged out Cuppy Coffee to win me a free coffee and Dunkin Donuts. I didn't redeem the offer, but at least I had something.

The main chant of the night was "GET SONGAILA OUT OF THE GAME!!!! HE SUCKS!!!!"

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Jarrett said...

Actually, I believe the crowd was clamoring for the in-house DJ to play Crank Dat Soulja Boi, and let out a hearty "Youuuuuuuu!" to show their displeasure.