Stupid Autographs

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yesterday was the Wizards annual meet & greet with the fans at the Verizon Center.

These are the random tables, and you could get the players autographs from whichever table corresponded to your ticket.
Table 1
DeShawn Stevenson, Andray Blatche, Darius Songaila

Table 2
Antawn Jamison, Dominic McGuire

Table 3
Nick Young, Caron Butler

Table 4
Brendan Haywood, Roger Mason, Antonio Daniels

Oh no. I just realized that there were 5 tables. One of them was in section 205. For some reason I assumed that it was a mistake. I now remember kids running up the escalator. I'm a moron. I bet Gilbert & Pecherov were up there. Anyone reading this go upstairs?

Anyways, I guess they tried to even it out by separating the starters. Also, if people got a superstar, they would get a rookie, which is definitely the best deal. The Nick Young & Caron Butler table was my favorite.

My table was the one with Stevenson, Blatche, and Songaila, but I could care less about an autograph. Autographs are for kids and I don't have any. However, when I was a kid, this would have been sweet. My autograph collection is as follows:
  • Walt Williams signed my shirt at basketball camp. I threw the shirt away after a year.

  • Mike Schmidt was having an autograph session at his restaurant. Traffic was bad and my family turned the car around. My glove was stuck with a fake George Brett autograph

  • I traded a valuable Michael Jordan card for an Alonzo Mourning autographed hat. I'm almost positive the autograph was fake, and the hat is god knows where.

  • I had chances to get autographs of every Wizards player, Steve Buckhantz, Hubie Brown, David Wesley, and China from the WWF, but alas I did not.

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iwatchthenba said...

I was there as well, Gil was upstairs, but I heard he left after like 20 minutes. I think they set it up that way.