Game 3 Notes

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, April 25, 2008

  • Weird guy stands behind the comcast pregame show on his phone telling people to turn on comcast.
  • Watched Mike Wise interview Soulja Boy. It made me laugh.
  • Soulja Boy appears to actually be a boy. I think he is 12. Why was his special friend always standing next to him. That guy in the yellow shirt looked even younger. And was Soulja Boy wearing a giant watch made of Cap'n Crunch?
  • Antonio Daniels shot another 3
  • Why are the ones that refuse to wear the white shirts always dudes in pink shirts?
  • That hot chick was in the rafters again overseeing the parachute drop. I screamed "Hey Girl!" She did not hear me...sad face...the guy next to me gave a whistle with no response as well.
  • Saw some Wiz dancers before the game. I think they may use this.
  • Crowd was chanting "Cleveland Sucks". Can't we wait til the series is at least tied?
  • Why did Haywood get a Technical?
  • That old ref with white hair is bad, but bad both ways.
  • Someone jacked the shirt off the chair next to me. I was supposed to be guarding it for my friend. Sorry pal!
  • Varejo got a charlie horse. He laid on the ground like a soccer player waiting for a stretcher. This is not soccer. Get the hell up.
  • Andray Blatch got hit in the face. Instead of sucking it up like a player proving the coaching staff he deserves playing time, he holds his face and stops playing.
  • One more...

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Truth About It said...

Ha ha! I like the Simpsons shot out.