15 Man Roster: Darius Songaila

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, October 31, 2008

Songaila. It's not a country. Its a guy.

There is not much to say about Darius Songaila. He has a nice mid range shot that he knocks down. Other than that I think I saw him shoot a layup once. That's about how memorable of a player he is.

Where Songaila wins me over is with his style of running. He is not very quick so he has to sprint back down the floor to play defense. This "sprint" looks like a slow motion video. But you can tell he is totally giving it his all.

But what makes it great is how he uses his arms while he runs. First, his hands are not in fists, but in karate chop mode. Stiff and ready to start choppin. Next, he brings his arms away from his body, in a right angle. Imagine someone doing that dance move where they hit their hand and it swings like a pendulum. Now imagine them chopping and swinging. Wow, this is really hard to describe, but watching it you will immediately understand.

Besides running like a caricature of a white guy, Songaila doesn't bring too much to the table. A pretty solid bench guy. I predict whatever he did last year he will probably do again.

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Truth About It said...

All that karate choppin' gets Darius in trouble when LeBron pulls that chop into his neck during the playoffs and gets D-Song suspended.

You must admit that Songaila is the dirtiest on the team without being dirty.