15 Man Roster: Juan Dixon

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Juan Dixon used to play for the Wizards. I remember Dixon scoring lots of points in a short amount of time off the bench. It was a good thing for the Wizards. He gave them a spark. Now we already have a guy who can do that, and who is a better player. His name is Nick Young. Add D-Brown's hustle & energy and why do we even have Juan Dixon. To sell a few extra tickets to Maryland fans?

I understand that Juan used to score well off the bench and helped the Wizards win some games. If he is available, why not pick him up. He was a good scorer for the Blazers as well. But we have Nick Young. Young has potential and you can't come in and replace his minutes with Juan Dixon, even if you think Dixon is a better option. Young already doesn't get enough playing time.

So why does a guy who can score so well "barely" make the Wizards? It is because he is a ball hog. He fires up shots all over the place. Teams don't need an undersized ball hog.

I know all of this is over dramatic. This year Young's minutes will be much higher than Dixon's. I don't even think Juan will play very much at all. When he does I'm sure he will knock down a big shot or two. I just...want more Nick Young!

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