Black Cougar

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The following is a YouTube video from the huge Redskins fan Silvio DiSalvatore, The Black Cougar. You can buy his DVD on his web site.

Every Thursday check out his YouTube page for his predictions for the upcoming weeks, and check in between then for other videos.

Before Dallas week, he bet his sister that If the Cowboys won, he would dye his hair blue, and if the Skins won, she would die her hair Red. Well obviously, her hair is red. You can witness all this online.

So before Philly week, he bet his sister's husband (Eagles fan) the same deal. Except obviously he would die his hair green if the Eagles won.

Well once again the Skins won, but this time, the sister's husband doesn't seem to ever be home to die his hair. It looks like he is backing out on the bet. Thats where the video starts off. Silvio is trying to find the Eagles Fan.

The Black Cougar Website
Cooleytime47 YouTube Home

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