Drinking With The Wizards Preview

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, October 27, 2008

What to do before & after home games at the Verizon Center this week...Its good to prepare in advance...

Wednesday, October 29th, 7:00pm
First Home Game vs New Jersey Nets


Wok N' Roll Sushi Happy Hour (5pm-8pm)
604 H St NW, Between 6th & 7th
(2 Minute Walk From Verizon Center)

Specials: $1 Sushi, $2 Bud & Bud Light, $5 Big Long Islands & Other Mixed Drinks

Details: Cheap. The sushi is good and doesn't make you sick. $1 is good for beginner sushi eaters. (Crab & Shrimp are white people/picky eater favorites) If its cold, get the Miso soup. It's like $1. The $5 mixed drinks are large & strong. The beer is beer. They have a TV that usually has on ESPN. It gets crowded by 6pm and you may have to wait for a table. Its a cozy restaurant, not very loud, not very big. They do have other Chinese food options if someone in your group doesn't like sushi. Wok N' Roll is pretty much the best place to go before a weekday game, if you like sushi.

Female Situation: This is not the place to pick up chicks. However, If you invite a girl to go with you, its money in the bank. Girls love the non-bar atmosphere and the mixed drinks. Its quiet enough to talk and pretend to listen. But lets get back to the drinks. Big. I'm not gonna put down any guarantees, but lets just say after one of these drinks, your lady friend will have, uh, less inhibitions? She'll be feelin it like Blink 182. If you are lucky, you may not even attend the game.


DC Improv With Jim Gaffigan (10:30pm)
1140 Connecticut Ave NW
(2 Metro Stops From Verizon, Faragaut North)

Specials: There are None!

Details: They have a 2 item minimum. This can include soda, beer, food. I think the cheapest it will be is $10, which is 2 sodas or beers. Their food menu is provided by California Tortilla if you like that. They also have mixed drinks. The main idea here is watching the comedy show, which usually has 2 opening acts. This particular show is expensive at $38, but well worth it. More Info.

Female Situation: If you pick up a girl here, you are the man. How can you even talk to them when a show is going on. Another decent date location though, except expensive as hell and you don't have a date.

Saturday, November 1st, 7:30pm
Washington Wizards @ Detroit Pistons

Where to Watch The Game: Home. Its the first week of the season. You have tons of leftover Halloween candy. You haven't heard Buck & Chanier since last season. It is listed in HD. Plus you went out Wednesday for the opener, went out Thursday for pre-Halloween, & went out Friday for Halloween. (or was that me) You need a break. Grab a 6 Pack of Budweiser American Ale and chow down on the Smartees.

Female Situation: Mom is probably upstairs. Maybe she will make me a sandwich or order a pizza.

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