Game 1: DC Aftermath

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here are some things to read about while you ask yourself again...Who is Brian Anderson?


MUST READ: Washington Post: Merely Two-Dimensional (Mike Wise)
Can a team anchored, led and mentored by Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison make
the Wizards a must-see entertainment option in a depressed market where the 6-2
pro football team has made itself front and center more than ever.

Washington Post: Wizards Tip Off With A Whimper (Ivan Carter)
Washington Post: Wizard's Insider
Washington Post: Wizard's Report
Washington Times: An Opening Stumble (Mike Jones)


Sports Bog: Gilbert On The Bench
Sports Bog: Arenas Says Jordan Knew

Bullets Forever Not Killing Himself
Truth About It Returning To The 36 Chambers
Swog Ate A Burrito

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