The Joe Forte & Keith Bogans Story

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, October 2, 2008

Joe Forte was a huge high school basketball star at Dematha. He was one of the top players in the whole country and was on his way to the University Of North Carolina.

I was a junior, backup PG (the starter never came out ever) for my team and we were playing at Dematha. I figured there was 0% chance I would see the floor, as was the case against most of the teams we played. If anything, they would move the SG to PG to keep me off the court.

The lead changed several times and it was getting close to the half. Our PG just picked up his 3rd foul. My teammate on the bench next to me tapped me on the shoulder. According to him, the coach was screaming my name, and I was about to get in the game. CRAP.

I was charged with guarding their point guard, who rarely scored, which was nice. And they couldn't stop me with the full court press. I was playing well! Hooray.

At one point Joe Forte is dribbling the ball at the top of the key and my man sets a screen for him. Its about to be me vs Forte, one on one. As I switch over to guard Forte, he tries to dribble behind his back. I reach for it, and am totally broken ankled, but the ball hits his leg and goes out of bounds. TURNOVER!

Now, bringing the ball up the court I am pressured. I easily break the press with my speed and head towards the foul line. Pull up and shoot. Is what I should have done. Instead I jump, don't shoot, and throw the ball to nowhere before I land.

Nowhere happened to be into the arms of Keith Bogans, who was at the time headed to play at Kentucky. He goes down the floor on the open break and slams it in. ASSIST! I guess not...

Sadly, Forte never made it big in the NBA and is no longer playing...Bogans actually gets some playing time. But I'll never forget the time I stole the ball (didn't steal the ball) from an NBA superstar (from a bench player in the NBA)

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Truth About It said...

Breaking out the stories, huh?

I like 'em....

As for Forte, he's actually playing for Fortitudo Bologna in Italy with Qyntel Woods, Earl Barron, Jamont Gordon, etc....