The Roger Mason Story

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, October 2, 2008

This is by far the worst story ever.

Back in high school, we played Good Counsel 3 times. This was always exciting because I would get 0 playing time and could watch 2 great players in Roger Mason & ? Monroe. I hoped they would go to the NBA so I could tell my friends I played against them, even if I didn't.

One of these games, the coach called my number. Surprised, but happy, I went into the game. What I recall from the game is playing for 15 seconds, picking up 2 fouls, and coming right back out. What my dad recalls is a little different.

Back in the present (ish) I came home from a big Wizards victory. My dad says, "How about that Roger Mason". I replied something like, "Yeah, How bout him"

Then he asks me If I recall playing against him in high school. Yes, I remember Dad. In fact I tell all my friends about it all the time.

Then he asks me, "remember when he took the ball away from you". This, I did not recall.

Apparantly I had blacked out the worst part of the story. In between getting those 2 fouls in 15 seconds, I apparantly picked up my dribble, and Mason ripped the ball out of my hands and went down the court for an easy 2 pts. According to my dad, "I looked like a weakling".

Thanks Dad!

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