Virgin Island Preseason

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So whenever the game vs the Pistons was, I attended it. Since the arena was empty they gave everyone lower level seats. It was pretty good.

Before the game I wondered around Verizon and saw this Chicken walking down the street. People were telling the chicken that they liked other chicken places. "Only Nando's is out on the street with a chicken. The other places don't got that" As I set up for this photo, the chicken saw me and started sexily walking over to me. He/She was coming in for the hug. Luckily I ducked out of the way.
The entire game was "brought to you by the Virgin Islands". Every timeout there would be a commercial for the Virgin Islands. No Tim Duncan stuff. There were travel agents around and contests with Virgin Island prizes. At halftime the entertainment was a live band! Straight from the Virgin Islands.

Did the band play on center court? No. Did they play behind the basket? No. They played on the club level where the TV cameras normally are. They were not even hooked up to the PA system. They had their own amps providing the sound. In the suite next to the band, George Muresaun and the Virgin Island VIPs were rocking out.
So did the band play some original Virgin Island music? No! They opened with Smooth Operator. Great NBA halftime entertainment. This photo is the only view anyone really had of them. They played a second song, with a male singer, but I can't recall what it was.

So I found the wire for my camera, and could finally get these photos...enjoy

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Truth About It said...

All I gotta say is Nando's Peruvian chicken is on-point son.