Aftermath Detroit

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, November 2, 2008

After successfully avoiding seeing the score of the Wizards game, which included refusing to turn on the radio, check my email, answer my phone, or even look at TV screens at bars, I watched it instead of football.

At one point in the game, I thought I had switched to a Detroit Shock game as I saw a female on the court. Upon further review of my 24 inch lo-def TV recording, I realized that it was a man. It was Walter Herrmann. While his last name starts of fitting his image (Herr) it comes back and smacks me in the face with Mann, and then smacks me in the face some more with DAGGERS!

Andray Blatche seemed to be benched and not happy about it. He looked like Kwame Brown used to look on the bench which is scary. Songaila got the minutes instead and did what he does best, knock down open shots. Juan Dixon had Songaila open about 10 times, refusing to pass him the ball, then finally doing it once for a layup.

Its another season for the Wizards and the same old thing. Getting beaten by bench players. Kwame Brown & Herrmann looked like Jordan & Pippen. The Pistons are good, and Billups, Wallace, Hamilton, & Prince can all beat you. But Herrmann? FAIL! (hahah Ivan Carter Post Article has the same idea)

DeShawn Stevenson (starter) played like a solid bench player while Nick Young (bench) played like a great starter. Eddie Jordan, it is your move! I'm not into the "its not who starts the game but who finishes" notion. I'm not into the "he plays better off the bench" either. Not into the "2nd place ironman streak" And I 100% with all my heart & soul am not into the "DeShawn will be upset if he doesn't start" Oh and also, his D isn't that great. Just ask Rip Hamilton.

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