Knicks Game

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Saturday, November 8, 2008

What I remember from the Wizards game last night
  • The Andray Blatche Drinking Game was semi played, & drinks were had by all
  • "You're Fat!" to Zach Randolph was enjoyed by the surrounding crowd
  • Going to Rocket Bar before the game for 2 hours drinking
  • Getting to my seat almost at tip off
  • Ordering 2-6 beers. Will find out on tomorrow's credit card statement
  • Drinking a beer that I thought was under my seat, but was under a seat in a different row. I became suspicious after the beer tasted like fruit. I have no idea what was in that cup.
  • Finishing That beer I just talked about.
  • The text vote was "are you from VA, DC, or MD"
  • Halftime show was dudes in spandex on trampoline bouncing off their balls. Gross.
  • JaVale McGee missed dunks but also made them
  • Some guy with a basket around him couldn't make any shots
  • Some kid beat some out of shape dude in a shooting contest
  • G-Man had a knicks fan hold a sign that said "Knick's Suck" while blindfolded. Classic G-Man.
  • Caron Butler pointed at a ref, stopped for a second, then pointed at him for 10 seconds again. He didn't realize why he got a T. Really?
  • The Wizards Lost and all I got was a schedule Magnet


Anonymous said...

I anonymously saw you leave half of that free beer behind because you were afraid it was poisoned.

Anonymous said...

I unanonomously saw you drink the poisoned beer. Are you still alive?