My Trip To Pittsburgh to See The Redskins

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last night I went to the Redskins game in what I believe was Pittsburgh. Tons of fans in black jerseys with tiny towels. I don't know about Steelers fans, but whenever I get a towel at a Wizards game, I use it for those special moments when I am watching multimedia files on my computer. You all seem to bring them to games. (Hopefully not both)

The tailgate atmosphere was "off the chain" (or I was "wasted"). For some reason the night game atmosphere just seemed better than the lazy Sunday atmosphere. I took part in all the classic Redskins tailgate activities. Throwing the football. Throwing the football to strangers. Hitting strangers cars with the football. Hitting strangers back of the heads with the football. And drinking. Tons.

After the 3.5 hour pregame and the 3.5 x 3 beers, I entered the stadium. Last season I attended the Skins/Bears game where the temperature was balls cold. This time I was prepared. Long Johns, 4 pairs of socks, winter hat & gloves, and snow boots. Snow boots & drinking do not mix. Just ask the cuts all over my arm & hand, and the people's shins who were in my row. Long Johns & crotch sweating don't mix as well. Just ask my new rash. I call it my James Th-Rash.

The game was fun. I think. But also disappointing. To tell you the truth I spent most of the time in the bathroom lines. Pregame, During game, & even Post Game.

As usual, I was a moron. I started out by bro-friending the guy next to me. Big mistake. After 1 high-five, I was now expected to high-five after every play. Then, when Leftwich was in his 3rd drive of the game I announce to the surrounding crowd that "Leftwich is in!" After the game I followed the crowd out of the stadium and 2 miles away from my destination of the metro. This aimless wandering included a fall on my face, and a police officer yelling at me out of fear for my life as I crossed the street without looking both ways.

I woke up this morning at my friends parents house. I got dropped off at my car, and drove to work. I am sitting at my computer at work wearing long johns, warm up pants, and an inside out long sleeve t-shirt. Lets not forget the snow boots.

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