Stevenson Is Einhorn

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A few years from now, I may be in my shower scrubbing myself like I'm covered in toxic waste. This will be moments after I finally realize the connection. Stevenson. Einhorn. Stevenson. Einhorn. STEVENSON IS EINHORN! NOOOOOOOOO!!!

A few weeks ago against the Hawks, Stevenson missed two key free throws that lead to another Wizards loss. Hey DeShawn, there are no laces on a basketball. Since then, and even before then, he has been one of the worst players in the entire NBA. This is no longer a slump. This is some needing a therapist. He needs to talk to Dr. Katz or something.

In DeShawn's most recent game against the Pistons, he went two for eight from the foul line? Shooting guard? Mr. Fifty? He could soon be Mr. Twenty. The other night against the Sixers he fouled out.

Stevenson is currently in 2nd place behind Tayshaun Prince for the "Ironman" stat, most games started in a row. There is a reason Cal Ripken played all those games as a starter. Because he was a good player. If Stevensons "streak" doesn't end soon, they need to fire a 2nd Eddie.

DeShawn seems to feel like he can get out of the slump by driving to the basket and screaming, flopping. That doesn't work if you can't hit a foul shot. He made a living last year waiting at the 3 point line and hitting WIDE open jumpers. That only works if your team penetrates and dishes. Thats everyone BUT the Wiz.

After Iverson got a few fouls tonight the Wiz went right into Stevenson. A good idea to try and get Iverson to the bench. However even DeShawn can ruin that by taking a fadeaway. He actually made it 0% chance to get fouled. Is that even possible?

If you tell me he is a good defender, I will have to hit you with a frying pan. His latest move this year is to shade the guy to his left and point to the left. Hey DeShawn. This is the NBA! Guys can dribble with their left hands. This isn't me in high school. Whenever he does this, they blow by him.

I don't care what his stats are, Jamison is hurting the team, but I can see why he is going to always start. He earned it, and occasionally will have a decent shooting night. But Stevenson. Bah.

Of all the things to do, this coach has benched JaVale McGee (the only reason fans were watching games), benched Juan Dixon, benched Antonio Daniels, cut Dee Brown, never played Crittendon, benched Etan Thomas (good idea), and benched Nick Young.

Yet Stevenson continues to get minutes being worse than unproductive...What the hell!

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