Latest Trade Rumor: The Return Of Larry Hughes & Jared Jeffries

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, June 22, 2009

The report the other day about the Knicks interest in the #5 pick, and wanting to deal Wilson Chandler, could be incorrect. According to Newsday, the Wizards may be interested in Larry Hughes or Jared Jeffries.


Do the Wizards really want to rebuild the team from 2005's playoff "run"? They already brought back Juan Dixon. How about bringing back Kwame Brown while they are at it. They got swept in the 2nd round!

It seems like the Wizards have been linked to Hughes trade rumors since the day that he left town. Him and Gilbert had a great thing going and led the team to round 2 of the playoffs. But that was so long ago. Hughes is older and injured all the time, and who knows how he would fit with a hobbled Arenas.

Jeffries on the other hand, is just subpar. I guess it would be ok if he came off the bench for a few minutes per game, but didn't the Wizards already give him a chance with lots of playing time?

If the Wizards plan to deal guys like Mike James and Etan Thomas for one of these guys, then I would make that deal right away. Both these Knicks are better players. As long as they aren't considering trading #5 along with it.

The truth is that the Wizards get stuck in the past. Constantly mentioning that they had the best record in the Eastern Conference for about a week halfway through the season years ago. Always trying to get back to 2005 form. Come on Wizards 2005 form wasn't Championship material.

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