Steph Curry Who? Randy Foye Is The Man For The Job!

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I spent the last 30 minutes on YouPo...YouTube, typed in "Randy Foye", and watched the young guard play for the first time in my life. I am finally excited about this trade.
Go over to the Tube and watch these videos. While they only show his made baskets, you can get a pretty good sense for his game. He looks like he will work well with Gilbert in the backcourt.
While I'm sure Nick Young could have an equally impressive array of videos and stats if he got Foye minutes, Foye is more of a ball handler & driver than Nick Young who slows down the flow of the offense with his fadeaways, and carries the ball every slow dribble he takes. Besides that point guard ability, Foye shoots just about as well as Nick Young does. The Wizards need someone to be willing to drive it in (and not dribble off his leg) not settling for a jumper, and Foye is the guy.
Foye's goto move is to isolate and drive to the right side of the glass, using quick low dribbles, quick pivots, & crossovers to blow by defenders. He then has a floating layup that he lofts over the defensive help and banks it in.
When he isn't taking it quick to the basket, he is pretty good at knocking down the 3 ball, another thing the Wizards could use, and he isn't afraid to drive & dish. Foye also has speed, and can lead a controlled, but fast break.
I read all the articles about the trade, many mentioning that Randy Foye only goes right, and assumed it was exaggeration. It does appear he favors the right side, especially the right handed layup (even from the left side), but a little work in the gym this summer on the left could make him a very effective player. Plus many of his late season highlights last year he appears to go left more.
If Foye was still on the Wolves, I'd expect a similar season from him. However he is now on a better team with better players, and I think while his stats will go down, his importance will go up.
Steph Curry? We can talk about him in 5 years like Devin Harris...

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