Top 7 Wizards Draft Options

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, June 19, 2009

Flip Saunders talked at a meet the coach event about how the Wizards were considering about 7 different guys for the #5 Pick. Today, Wizards Insider has some ideas on who the 7 guys are, but I have my own ideas on the top 7 guys the Wiz should consider.

1. Stephen Curry
  • Very smart player. Continuing his college education even though going to be drafted.
2. Stephen Curry
  • Money from the outside. This guy could melt a cheese sandwich from across the room with his jumper.
3. Stephen Curry
  • Mom & Dad will be hangin at the Verizon Center, giving me my best opportunity to get a Dell Curry autograph.
4. Stephen Curry
  • Led Davidson (the college, not the last name) to the sweet 16. This will never happen again.
5. Stephen Curry
  • Lebron is already used to watching him hit long bombs, so it shouldn't upset the queen next year seeing the same thing.
6. Stephen Curry
  • It will be fun to call him Hen Curry, in the same way his dad Wadell was called Dell Curry.
7. Stephen Curry
  • Loyola strategized that stopping Curry from scoring was the only way to win. They double, triple, quadruple teamed him. Curry's team still won by 30.
The only reason I see that the Wizards should not draft Curry is because his brother is going to Duke. That is it.

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