Wizards Fathers Day

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Saturday, June 20, 2009

It is Father's Day tomorrow, so let's check out the Wiz dads...

Juan Dixon (Married)
  • Son: Corey
Dominic Mcguire (Married)
  • Has A Kid, Not Sure The Name
Etan Thomas (Married)
  • Son: Malcolm
  • Daughter: Imani
Mike James (Married)
  • Daughter: Jadon
  • Daughter: Amaya
  • Daughter: Michal
  • Daughter: McKinly
Darius Songaila (Married)
  • Daughter: Meile
DeShawn Stevenson(Single & RTM)
  • Son: DeShawn Jr (Girl 1)
  • Daughter: Londyn(Girl 2)
  • Daughter: Skye (Girl 2)
Caron Butler (Married)
  • Son: Caron Jr
  • Daughter: Mia
  • Daughter: Camary
Gilbert Arenas (Engaged)
  • Son: Alijah
  • Daughter: Izela
Antawn Jamison (Married)
  • Son: Antwan Jr.
  • Daughter: Kathryn
  • Daughter: Alexis (previous girl)
Ernie Grunfeld (Married)
  • Son: Danny
  • Daughter: Rebecca
Abe Pollin (Married)
  • Son: Dave
  • Son: Robert
Flip Saunders (Married)
  • Son: Ryan
  • Daughter: Mindy
  • Daughter: Rachel
  • Daughter: Kimberly
Thats what I got, not sure about Young, Haywood, Pech, McGee, Blatche, or Crittendon...not sure if i missed any kids also...

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