Wizards Workouts Featuring James Harden And Tyreke Evans

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, June 12, 2009

Wizards Insider, your source for all workout news, reports that AZ State SG James Harden and Memphis guard Tyreke Evans will be working out today along with 7'0" Center from Ohio State B.J. Mullens.

The first 2 guys are some possible top 5 guys, and cover the Wizards' "what if we don't trade the pick" scenario.

Evans, who may or may not have taken his SAT test, only played 1 year in college, but was very good for a good Memphis team.

Harden, who's name came up the day of the lottery debacle, was one of the original predicted picks.

Both guys are guards, and would be expected to move ahead of Nick Young and Crittendon right away or there is no reason to get them.

Mullens on the other hand, is a center and a "big goofy white guy". He would be a moving down situation and a "please God No!" situation.

I'm still waiting for Hasheem Thabeet to workout so I can start my new catch phrase "Where's Tha Beet?"

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