Are The Washington Kastles Going To Screw Up My Wizards Parking?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, July 9, 2009

As A season ticket holder for the Wizards, I attend just about every game. I hate taking the metro, so I drive from Virginia into the games. There is basically no traffic, and I know all the shortcuts to avoid it. Its pretty much a main reason I renewed my tickets, because it is so easy to drive in.

The parking however is the genius behind my plan. I park on H street, on the street, surrounding a huge pay parking lot. If you arrive at 6:20, you can get a spot, wait in your car til 6:30, and leave your car there without having to feed a meter. Free parking 3 blocks away. Not a bad way to go.

Somehow I stumbled upon the Washington Kastles (pro tennis web site. At the bottom of the page was the story about the Kastles building their court. And mother f'er it is right by where I park for Wiz games.

If you know the area, you know the big lot where the convention center used to be. Its like $5 and many Wizards fans park there. Right next to that is another lot, that is not open to the public and has random trucks there. That lot is now some awful tennis court.

While the court itself is not taking away any parking that I know of there are several things that could happen with this court being there. They could change the parking meters around the area, or get rid of many of them. They could buy the other parking lot and use it for tennis parking. Tennis matches could cause added traffic, and more cars needing to park.

All in all I'm scared. Scared that I will be adding $5-$10 times 41 games or riding the metro which is also $4 times 41 games. WTF is pro tennis anyways!

(I haven't been down there yet, anyone know if any changes have happened?)

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mony said...

The season ends in like 2 weeks