Why Do I Have To Pay To Watch Scrubs Play Scrimmage Games?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Saturday, July 11, 2009

NBA Summer League has started and I can't watch it. Well I can watch it, but it will cost me $14.99.
Summer League is not even on NBA TV. I'm currently watching the NBA Draft 2009. WTF put on the games.
The NBA is charging this "small" price to watch the games online on the NBA broadband service. The idea (i think) is to get people to see the internet feeds so they subscribe for the actual season.
But why not make it FREE so that more people try out the serivce. The more people that try it leads to more people who will buy it...but whatever, I'm no marketing major (oh wait, I was)
Last season I enjoyed watching these terrible games (at work) online to check out some of the rookies FOR FREE. I could watch the Wizards as a hardcore fan and get to see a little bit of what to expect from the young players (or 4 year player Andray Blatche). It was these free games that got me excited about a 7 foot player who drains 3 pointers. (ahh pech)
Brown, Jackson, Nivins, Beaubois, Foster. That is a starting lineup for one of these teams. Guess the team? Yeah I have no idea. Oh lets actually read the team name...Dallas. Watching that lineup is a $14.99 value?
Well I guess I'll go back to watching the 1 minute 39 second recaps, and see only the good plays and not how awful the Wizards players are...
First wiz game Tuesday fyi...

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