Wizards In Literature: Dr. Drekyll & Mr. Blatche

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dr. Drekyll is a good man. He has potential. He has athleticism. He has skills. But he also has a dark side. A wild side. A dangerous side.

Examining his secret evil side, Dr. Drekyll decided that he wanted to separate the full court dribbling, through the legs going, behind the back passing evil basketball player from the solid post movin, finesse in the lane'in, slam dunking basketball player everyone loves.

So Drekyll created a headband that, when removed, would transform him into a darker, more out of control creature called Mr. Blatche and separate his evil side from his good side.
"He is not easy to describe. There is something wrong with his appearance; something displeasing, something downright detestable. I never saw a man I so disliked, and yet I scarce know why. He must be deformed somewhere; he gives a strong feeling of deformity, although I couldn't specify the point. He's an extraordinary-looking man, and yet I really can name nothing out of the way. No, sir; I can make no hand of it; I can't describe him. And it's not want of memory; for I declare I can see him this moment.” --Robert Lewis Stevenson, Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde

Mr. Blatche is an abomination of a basketball player. He hacks, he loafs, he whines, he complains. His basketball skills are lacking as he is out of control. He won't listen to teaching or reason, and he has many enemies. He goes to clubs til 6 in the morning, picks up prostitutes, hangs around bad parts of town. Just everything bad about Dr. Drekyll all out in the open.
Dr. Drekyll transforms several times back and forth during a game, but after 4 straight years of using the headband, the darker side is getting stronger. Soon, Dr. Drekyll will completely transform into Mr. Blatche, at which point Drekyll believes, Mr. Blatche will have to end his own career...

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