Wizards Summer League Game 2

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, July 16, 2009

Andray Blatche put up another Kwame Brown like stat line last night with 27 points and 15 rebounds, but the Wizards bench still lost to the "Denver Nuggets" 77-70.

My overall impression is that the Wizards really need to work on setting screens. Andray in particular. He runs up way beyond the arc to set the screen (too high). Then puts his arms straight up in the air and sticks his hip out to bump the guy (foul). Then he just stands there for a second and jogs back into the lane. (Roll!) I learned pick & roll when I was 4 years old, its not that hard.

Dominic McGuire played horribly. More turnovers than points, and he looked like he was tired. He didn't look like a Flip Saunders quality player. As the most experienced starter I was surprised, but it was only 1 game.

JV McGee didn't play too well either. On many of his plays, including another no-look pass to the other team, I could just feel Flip Saunders blood boiling. McGee has a few more games to improve, but as of now Flip probably has Andray Blatche as backup center and bugging Ernie G to sign someone fast.

Nick Young was Nick Young. Streaky with another 0'fer in the assists category. Nick doesn't need to be in this Summer League, just needs to work on his game with the veterans.

Andray Blatche put up some stats and probably was very boastful about it. I don't know if he realizes its his 5th NBA season and he is scoring on players that will be playing in Greece's C League. The stat sheet said he only had 2 turnovers, but that can't be right. His shot was blocked several times and he is just the same old Andray. He really shouldn't be here either.

After Andy B caught an elbow to the jaw, Antonio Harvey the announcer called him Glass Joe, the guy everyone beats. (from punchout) Then during the replay he announced the elbow as "excuse me miss"

Only LeBron can get knocked out by an elbow and sit on the floor whining. GET UP BLATCHE!

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