WWE: Shaq & The Miz

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, July 28, 2009

According to my friends, I was at Monday Night Raw last night. Shaq was the guest host and he came out to rounds of applause as I stood alone thumbs down, booing. Someone asked me why I was booing Shaq. I told them in some kind of slurred speech "cuz Lebron James is sucks" Then Shaq mentioned Lebron and from what I recall there were lots of boos.

Sadly, Shaq didn't play the villain, and didn't mention anything about the Wizards. However, "The Miz" had a few things to say. The Miz is some reality TV Real World guy who became a wrestler after competing on the WWE reality show. He is from "parts unknown" aka Cleveland and that was part of the reason he was out there.

The Miz played the classic wrestling villain, calling out the city and the local sports teams. He came out with a mic and immediatly mentioned that he was a Cavs fan. I booed alone. He said he had a plan for Shaq, "just sit him out against the Wizards cuz we're gonna beat them anyway" He then said that all opposing teams have to do in the 4th quarter is run out the clock.

Next he mentioned that even the Redskins opponents just had to run out the clock "tick, tock" Finally I heard some boos. Nobody cares about the Wizards...

You can watch it here if you fast forward a bit (until WWE takes it down)

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