The 8 Man Rotation

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do you think Dominic McGuire has the potential to be the next Dennis Rodman? Do you think Javaris Crittenton just needs some more playing time to become a great point guard? Do you think JaVale McGee is going to be a Dwight Howard type guy this season?

Well I hate to break it to you, but you won't get the chance to find out. With the new 8 man rotation, young players that contributed last season will find themselves on the bench, picking up DNPs.

Below is a general idea of how I believe things will shake out next season.


Brendan Haywood Usually plays around 30 minutes per game. That leaves 18 minutes left at the center position. This will be played by Oberto & Blatche.

Odd Man Out: JaVale McGee. Unless there is foul trouble, Saunders will probably keep McGee on the bench. Its only his 2nd year, and is not ready to be a huge contributor yet anyway.


Antawn Jamison puts in close to 38 minutes at the PF position. This leaves about 10 minutes for Andray Blatche to fill in (or Mike Miller if going small).

Odd Man Out: Dominic McGuire. This guy was a hustler homie. He played great last year. Was a rebounding machine. But, this isn't the worst team in the NBA anymore.


Caron Butler is another 38 minutes (at least) guy. The other 10 minutes will belong to Mike Miller.


Randy Foye & Mike Miller (& Gilbert) will play most of the minutes at this position.

Odd Men Out: Nick Young & DeShawn Stevenson. When I think about it, I feel like there could be minutes for NY as the 9th man, but Ill go with what Flip says.


Punch in Gilbert being on the floor at least 38 minutes. The 10 minutes he is out, Foye will take his place.

Odd Men Out: Javaris Crittenton & Mike James. I'm not sure who gets the nod if the Wiz are in foul trouble, but during a normal game don't expect to see either of these guys on the court.

The 8 Man Rotation
1. Gilbert Arenas
2. Caron Butler
3. Antawn Jamison
4. Brendan Haywood
5. Mike Miller
6. Randy Foye
7. Andray Blatche
8. Fabricio Oberto

The only question I had was Oberto or Nick Young. I went with the big man because Andray is questionable, and the guards like Arenas are more likely to not want to come out of the game. I can foresee a scenario where Young gets 10 minutes at SG and Oberto is saved for foul trouble...Also go with NY if Gilbert decides to play less minutes...

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