Wizards Schedule

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today the NBA schedules were released, so check out what the Wizards are up against...(WHO CARES THE SEASON STARTS IN LIKE 20 MONTHS)

The Wizards start off the season on the first night (Tuesday, Oct 27th) against Dallas one of only 4 games that night. Getting the season started off right!

Then a few days later the Wiz start off at home on Halloween Night against the Nets. This is a Saturday night game in DC, which means you should check back here the next day, if I can even remember anything about the night, I imagine the story will be legendary.

While still recovering from the Frightmare on F Street (copyright), a few days later the Wiz play on in the city on the river of tears, aka Cleveland.

On November 18th (wednesday) Jabroni James and the Big Babysitter come to DC for another ESPN showdown, this one that will include Gilbert Arenas...(i think)

The following Tuesday Eddie Jordan comes back to DC to see the team that he could have coached if his best player didn't plan comebacks against doctors orders.

Then there are games and games and games (boring) until the Lakers come to town on January 26th (tuesday bah)

Then there are even more games (will this season ever end!) but why am I looking at February 2010. WHY! Its August 2009!

So enjoy reading this, the only Wizards news in like 3 months!

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