Why Should I Buy A Replica That Isn't Actually The Team Jersey?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, May 11, 2011

With the release of the new Wizards uniforms, came the addition of new jerseys to the Wizards store. You can buy the classic cheap-0 replica jersey for around $45, or you can shell out the $80 for the "Swingman" jersey. The swingman is pictured on the left, and the replica on the right.

Notice anything different? How about a MISSING STRIPE?! Why would I want to buy a jersey that is not actually the real jersey? This is insane. Looking through other NBA stores I don't see any team that removes a giant part of the uniform like the Wizards did.

So is the idea to make people pay the extra money for the REAL version, or does adding a white stripe have certain costs that affect profitibility? For some reason I think the answer is A.

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