Who Is This Jan Chick!?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, June 23, 2011

The following is a picture of what I think of when I see the name Jan Vesely. The name sounds like that of a gal who works hard and plays harder. She enjoys jogging in the park, cooking french cuisine, and reading romance novels before bed each night. With her focus on her career will she ever find Mr. Right?
But after Googling this Jan character I found that SHE is actually a HE, and is actually being considered by the Washington Wizards as the #6 pick in the draft. The 6th best prospect in the world is someone nobody ever heard of? Great.

So after reading up on some info my opinion on Jan has changed. Jan is a guy who may or may not work hard, and may or may not play harder. He enjoys jogging on the basketball court, missing jump shots, and playing Mike Dunleavy style basketball? UG. With his focus on playing in Europe and not in college will he ever make an impact in the NBA?

Here watch this video of him getting some dunks on a bunch of small white guys, the exact size and makeup of his future NBA opponents. I'm sure he will be able to alley oop over dwight howard. This highlight reel has him making a foul shot...WTF.

The worst thing that the Wizards could possibly do is draft some more unproven players (see: Olesky Pecherov, Peter John Ramos, Vladimere Veremeenko, Juan Carlos Navarro, Kevin Seraphin). However it appears that the Wizards plan to select some unknown from the basketball powerhouse Czech Republic (Ug) who didn't even play in college.

Under 50% free throws, 3 rebounds per game in the Euro League? BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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