Maybe This Will Help Us Get The Bullets Back

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'm sick of the Wizards name.  It is embarrassing enough to have season tickets to one of the worst teams in the NBA but whenever I tell this to girls who hear the name Wizards they just heckle me.  I tell them I'm going to a Wizards game and they think I'm going to some Harry Potter conference at Verizon Center.  It sucks.  Those girls immediately make the decision to not go home with me, ever.

However, the Washington Post had an article where they spoke to Irene Polin, the widow of the former Wiz owner.  Her husband Abe changed the name from the Bullets because of the gun violence connotation of the word "bullets".  This quote from Irene was good to hear:

" If the fans want to change it back — hey, why not?” --Irene Polin (via Washington Post)

Ted Leonsis always claims that the name change is not in his 5 year plan, but the article was thinking maybe a quote like this could speed up Ted's thinking & planning.  That would be awesome because having a bad team named the Wizards is one of the biggest crimes in team name history.

The product on the court is a joke, and the team name is a joke.  When you have Michael Jordan on a team called the Wizards, then OK.  We won't make fun of you.  But there is no MJ.  There is a knucklehead named Pierre.

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