Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Wednesday, Dec 28th:    Wizards @ Hawks    (7:30pm - CSN)


On Wednesday night the 0-1 Wizards will head down to the ATL for a matchup against Jordan Crawford's former team the so fresh & so clean Atlanta Hawks.  The game will have a 7:30 start time and will probably be on CSN (Caps on Vs), so me and you, your momma and your cousin too, can all watch it.

Atlanta will be playing the 2nd of a back to back, after destroying the same team that beat the Wizards (the Nets) on Tuesday night in New Jersey by 36 points.  The player that the Wizards made look like a superstar, Kris Kardashian was "held" to 11 points and 6 rebounds.

Da Art Of Storytelling Part I

Last season the Wizards lost 3 out of 4 to the Hawks who were the 5th seed in the east and made it to the 2nd round after defeating the Magic.  The Hawks were led by Joe Johnson and Josh Smith who averaged 18 and 16 ppg respectively.  Now Joe & Josh had a partner name Zaza...Oh he stinks, forget about him, I don't remember his number like the summer.

Da Art Of Storytelling Part II

Kirk Hinrich is still injured and will not be playing.  The rest of the gang is back except for Jamal Crawford who is now on the Blazers.  BREAKING NEWS:  Tracy McGrady and Jerry Stackhouse are still in the league and they are on the Hawks.  But baby, don't be scared, it's gonna be alright, it's just the lord doin his work...okay?

Do You Wanna Bump & Slump With Us

The Wizards are coming off of a tough loss at  home in the opening game where "leaders" like John Wall and Andray Blatche were colder than a polar bear's toenail.  If they Wiz want to beat the Hawks they need those two guys to git up, git out, & git somethin...

See you at the player's ball...

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