Washington Wizards: Best In The World

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Washington Wizards 94, Philadelphia 76ers 101

One day after WWE Champion CM Punk and the gang took over Wells Fargo Center, the Sixers dropped some pipe bombs on the Wizards and told them to Go To Sleep.

This contest was broadcast on NBA TV and somehow Nick Young, JaVale McGee, and a preseason Wiz/Sixers game was trending Worldwide...

The Wiz played better in this game but still finished shooting 35% and a terrible, awful, disgraceful 2-18 from the 3 point line.  Honestly I'm not sure if they played any better or if the Sixers just played much worse than their last meeting.

The Wizards "shooting guards" couldn't shoot.  NY shot 30%, Crawford shot 28%, and Mason shot 0%.  The other two guards Wall & Mack fared better but shot 35% & 32% respectively.  McGee led the team with 20 points & three other Wizards scored in double figures.

The game was close for 45 minutes but the Wizards closed out the game like they usually do.  Leaving Sixers open for 3's, taking terrible rushed shots, and not getting easy rebounds.

Why do Wizards games never look like this?

The broadcast started out as a dagger to the heart, realizing that Buckhantz & Chenier wasn't doing the game.  The blow was lightened when a few minutes later Meredith Marakovits appeared like an angel from the heavens to at least make the loss of the Wizards broadcasters not seem too terrible.  But like most women in my life, she was gone before I even got to know her...

"If it's free, it's for me, I'll take 3" -- Steve Buckhantz

Right after the half, Buckhantz came to save the day.  He starts off hot with some Philly & Cheesesteak humor.  He then tells awful first time Sixers announcer Malik Rose that he is great...however we know Buck is a nice guy, and a classic way to utilize a white lie.  Then he dropped his great "free" saying...


Shelvin Mack had a good game and looked much better in his 2nd game as a backup point guard.

Some guy that was apparently struck by lightning came into the game in the final seconds of the first quarter.  Oh it is Nicky 9 Mill!  Nick Young spent most of the game on the bench, missed shots, and even bricked a free throw...should have signed earlier Nicky.  A classic Nick Young off night.  Jordan Crawford did nothing to lose ground and NY did nothing to gain ground.

Andray Blatche seems to be more inclined to get it to a guard than dribble.  Which is correct.  He also does well when he makes passes or post moves instead of settling for 17 foot jumpers.  He also looked winded most of the night and he sucks in transition.

JaVale McGee hit a couple hook shots finally...I still don't like it.  Later in the first half he had a monster slam on a dish from Wall on rookie Nikola Vucevic and gave him a stare down.  Chill McGee, you are 10 feet tall, stare someone down when you score 20+ points in a real game.  Later in the quarter with a second left in the game McGee decided he wouldn't guard Vucevic who hit the wide open buzzer beater 3 pointer.  I hide my eyes when he gets the ball...

Trevor Booker is Dominic McGuire Jr.  He is a much better player, good hustle & D, but absolutely no offensive skills.  Chris Singleton is a similar type of player, with slightly more offensive game.

John Wall is getting some generous calls.  It will be interesting to see if this trend keeps up during the regular season.  They say he has been working on his shot, but I still hear the clanging of the rim more than a swish.

Rashard Lewis played 20 minutes but nobody knew, Jan Vesely was out as a precaution for a back injury...

Game Notes:
  • Malik Rose needs some work as an announcer, check that, he is awful
  • Not a big fan of the above the backboard cam
  • Turiaf + Singleton = Free Throw Misses
  • Blatche hit McGee for the alleyoop on a designed lob play.  We may see that again.
  • If the Wiz equipment manager named his son after Jared Jefferies...

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