Wizards Come Out Flat To Set The Tone For Another Loss

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Washington Wizards 83, Atlanta Hawks 101

The Wizards started off winning the tip which became a John Wall turnover which led to a layup at the other end.  On the next possession Blatche took a 17 foot jumper which he proceeded to brick.  The Hawks came down and hit a 3 pointer.  Next possession McGee steps on the baseline, cue the Hawks, Marvin Williams hit a 3 pointer.  The Wiz get it back and McGee misses another shot from 2 feet away which leads to ... a Hawks 3 pointer.  11-0 just two minutes into the game.  Timeout Flip.  Welcome to the Wizards 2011-12 season....

Is it ironic that Blatche after saying he was taking too many shots and wanted the ball in the post came out and took another 17 foot jumper?  When that shot went up, Flip Saunders should have benched Andray's ass.

Later in the half Dray Day got it in the post!  He made a move, pump faked, and did what he does.  Missed a layup.  What would Shaq do?  Lay it in weakly I'm sure.  Even John Wall tries to slam it down when he gets close to the rim.  Oh Captain, My Captain, 4 points, 4 rebounds...

Andray finished shooting 15% -- Mostly Layups

Then there is Nick Young.  The guy can shoot.  But he doesn't do ANYTHING else.  He doesn't produce assists, rebounds, or steals.  He doesn't even shoot layups.  Just jumpers.  21 points...great, you lost by 20.

This was the Wizards best offense...What happens if they double Lewis in the post.  You have 3 terrible shooters waiting for the kickout?

Next up Friday night in Wisconsin against the Bucks...

Game Notes:

  • Buck went with a "I'm Ron Burgundy?" quote...A+ Buck
  • McGee played well but also goal tended and never boxed out
  • Singleton was a good pickup
  • John Wall needs to finish and stop missing layups, even when fouled.  He also needs to make a foul shot and maybe a jumper.
  • Shaq went to the game, Barkley did not
  • OMG is that Hawks in arena announcer annoying.  Especially when he screams Threeeeee like a girl.
  • Violet Palmer is a bad referee


jones-y said...

Its called floor spacing. Now executing the play call is a whole different matter, but if its a post for Rashard, you can't have Dray and Javale (and their defenders) clogging up the block, can you?

Chris Ford said...

I understand. However what happens when Lewis gets double teamed? The play is over because the 2 big men are at the 3 point line. You need a shooter somewhere for the post man to kick it out to or else it is a 1 dimensional play.

Ali Z said...

Its gonna be a loooong season. Think Flip may get fired before season's end? They have probably already tuned him out. I knew we are ready to compete for the playoffs yet but I didnt think we would be competing for the top pick in the lottery again!